Frank McClung

What Would You Be Willing to Pay?

Would you pay your digital agency $200 to swap out a PDF on your organization’s website?

You might have to if your website is tied into their proprietary Content Management System (CMS). That’s the situation one leader I talked with faced when he took over the organization.

Would you keep paying your digital agency to maintain and update your website even when you are unhappy and ready to move on?

You might if your website and content was stuck in the their proprietary CMS and the agency charges a large fee to move it to another. That’s the situation one business owner is in regarding their most valuable digital asset.

See the pattern here? Locked into a price or provider because your website is held hostage to an agency’s or service’s (looking at you Wix and friends) proprietary CMS.

Your organization’s website hosting, data, design, and functionality need to be portable and accessible to you at any time with minimal to no cost even if your agency/hosting provider/designer maintains it for you. Proprietary CMS systems typically lock you into their software/service by making it costly to move or maintain or both.

WordPress is the open source CMS solution I recommend. Find out what your organization’s website is tied to and how much control you have, then take steps to ensure that your organization’s website is completely your asset.

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