Frank McClung

New website? Stop. Right. There.

So, you want to hire someone to design your website? Stop. Right. There. You aren’t ready.

I know, you have the budget available to get it done right. And you see the need to do it now for your business. I’ll say it again though: You. Are. Not. Ready.

How would I know this when I don’t know you?

Because I’ve worked with enough clients over the last two decades building websites to know that 90% of clients were not prepared for the grueling process of website strategy, design, content creation, development, and testing.

Lack of money is rarely the problem in website design and development. It’s you, the marketing director or CEO, that underestimates the intense engagement required for a successful site strategy, design, and development.

Forget those ridiculously oversimplified “website in a day” marketing videos for Wix. Building a website for your organization is a significant commitment of time and energy for you and your staff.

Good web design firms will guide you throughout the process, give aid where needed, and light a fire under you to keep you moving, but only you can make a site design truly successful. You’ll know you’re ready when the website design project is YOUR number one business priority every day.


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