Frank McClung

How is your organization storing its value?

Value isn’t tangible in and of itself. It only exists within people.

Value can be exchanged, but if you want to share your value, you must first find something to express that value. That expression can come in the form of words, objects, service, music, art, work, money, etc.

Value is also subjective. One person may value something more than another.

And value is dependent on context. When you want to drive a nail into something, a screwdriver isn’t as valuable as a hammer.

Yet, before value can be exchanged, it needs to be stored for later use. Money is a common way to store value over time for future exchange. Property another. Having a large family in some cultures is another way to store value.

When you store value, you want to store it in a place where your value doesn’t decrease over time. Ideally, you want whatever store of value you chose to increase the value over time.

Your organization creates value through its thinking, brand, products, and services. You have lots of ways to store and exchange that value: websites, branding, books, newsletters, courses, seminars, etc.

I want to look at the digital space as a store of value for your organization. What value are you storing? How and where? What are its limitations? Consider how your organization currently stores value with this simple value inventory spreadsheet I created here.

Send me a filled-in version and I’ll probably use it (without your organization name) to discuss further digital stores of value for service-based organizations.

We’ll begin exploring these questions on about stores of value in the digital space and what they mean for your organization in upcoming posts.


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