Frank McClung

Do you have the will to prepare?

“Everyone has the will to win. It’s not the will to win we are looking for, it’s the will to prepare to win.”

– Paul “Bear” Bryant, legendary Alabama football coach quoted by TSgt Esposito, USAF, Special Forces Training Cadre at 3 min 15 sec in this video above

The will to grind, to prepare, to train, to publish, to create, to whatever — hour after hour, day after day, year after year. Shifting focus from results to “the process” can be transformative, especially for your website strategy.

Most organizations think of their website as static: designed, developed, launched and done, then look for “results” — be it traffic or leads or whatever the metric (if they even have one).

A better website strategy than “fire and forget” is to focus on the process of continuous, incremental improvements to your existing website. There are exceptions (i.e. when your business purpose is dramatically shifting) that warrant a complete overhaul, but for most small service firms, continual experimentation and improvement with your current website is a more impactful, more cost-effective, less risky strategy.

And the strategy that’s focused on the “training” of your website should eventually yield the results you are looking for. Your preparation has a purpose, but it’s your commitment and practice of perpetual x (improvement, experimentation, innovation, etc.) that gets you there.

So put down the Google Analytics data, the incoming lead numbers (or lack thereof), and other results-oriented metrics — start focusing on daily practices (publishing more focused content, refining existing content, becoming more consistent using existing social media channels, etc.) that continuously “prepare” and “train” your website.

Revel in the process. Appreciate the results.


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