Frank McClung

Effective strategy applied to your organization's website.

Thinking before doing is most wise. Here’s how I can help your service-based organization create  better website strategies that drive growth and engagement.

“Thank you Frank, especially for taking the harder course to tell us what should and should not be done, rather than just doing it as told. Thank you for your professionalism.”
– Wendy Tam, Director of Digital Publishing & User Experience:
“Frank's advice was timely and really helped us as we sought to build our brand in an industry filled with visual and cultural cliche. His insights were just what we needed and his strong direction helped us to move past some of our preconceived notions.”
– Brian May, Chief Compliance Officer, Smith, Salley & Associates:
“Frank is an incredibly thoughtful strategic designer and brand storyteller. His work is always above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend Frank to define your brand.”
– Rebekah Ruis, Principal, Sidecar Marketing Solutions
“Frank took the time to dig into our brand and understand our company, our goals, and our intended audience. I truly appreciated his attention to detail, his relaxed and professional attitude, his quick turnaround times, and the time he took to thoughtfully explain the process and answer all of our questions.”
– Anton Ruis, Marketing Director, GothamCulture
“Frank has done a detailed and thorough job of getting to the kernel of what our company's mission and intention is, and he's been able to synthesize those ideas...”
– Dr. Robert Levine, CEO & President,
“The first thing Frank did was start asking questions so he could understand my business. Within a few days he was able to not only understand the complexities of my service but had simple 'suggestions' on how I may be able to best position my company to showcase our core expertise.”
– Alton Criswell, Founder,
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One-time, One-on-One Conversation

Do you need some advice about a challenge you can’t get clarity on regarding your organization’s website strategy, solution options, vendor redesign selection, or website positioning? You believe if you could just talk with an expert for an hour, they could clarify the problem, and point you in the right direction with existing options or help you consider new paths.

Tell me in a broad sense the issue you are dealing with, and I’ll tell you if I can help and we can engage. If not, then I’ll try and point you to someone or somewhere that can.

Cost: $950

Location: Remotely

Duration: 1-3 days total time to include write-up. One-hour recorded Zoom call which you can view up to 30 days afterward and an email recap the next day with instructions. 

Scheduling: Can be initiated within 1 week.

Deliverable: I will fully review of your issue before the call to include a brief email from you stating your challenge and relevant details; a clarification email back from me to define the challenge. No nonsense advice on the call that you can put into action immediately to include feedback on your challenge and website. A written follow-up email on the recommendations or instructions.

Implementation: I’ll answer via email follow-on questions you may have about my advice within a two-week window of making the recommendation. I will not help you implement (design, copy, creative, development work) the recommendations.

Single Issue Evaluation

When you can’t find an advisory service I provide that fits, but still have a website strategy problem that needs exploration, definition, or solution recommendations, Single Issue service could be the right starting point.

Tell me in a broad sense the issue you are dealing with, and I’ll tell you if I can help and we can engage. If not, then I’ll try and point you to someone or somewhere that can. 

Cost: $3500 and up depending on the complexity of the issue.

Location: Remotely

Duration: Depends on the complexity. From a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Scheduling: Can be initiated within 1 week.

Deliverable: Researched written and verbal communication with clearly and precisely stated recommendations through 1-3 calls, emails, and document.

Implementation: I’ll answer via email and quick calls any follow-on questions you may have during your decision process within a one-month window of making the recommendation. I will not help you implement (design, copy, creative, development work) the recommendations.3

Ongoing Advice for you and your team

You need access to expert advice about website strategy that spans more than a call and a single issue. Maybe you have a project you need me to provide feedback on throughout the process. Or a long-term business development initiative that will take months to execute on your website and you need a second set of eyes and a sounding board.

Cost: $4000 

Location: Remotely


Scheduling: You will be the only ongoing advice client engaged for the month.

Deliverables: I will answer questions, discuss issues and potential options, review documentation and provide feedback on website strategy. This doesn’t include design, development, copywriting or creative work. It does include access to a dedicated Basecamp project site (available up to a month after the end of engagement) to keep all communications (email, video, documents, chats, discussions, etc.) in a centrally accessible location. 

Implementation: You and your team have unlimited access to me on a monthly basis during business hours (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) Monday-Friday via emails, calls, and video (Zoom). 

Comprehensive Website Evaluation & Strategy