Tried & True

All the products, services and resources listed below I endorse. If you need website product or service evaluations specific to your organizational requirements, let’s set up a consultation

Content Management System (CMS)

I’ve been designing and developing client websites with WordPress since 2004. I’ve used extremely expensive proprietary content management systems and other open-source systems like Drupal and Joomala. There just isn’t another open-source content management platform with the same customization flexibility, community support, track record for success, and expansion capability as WordPress on the market today. Unless your business website has extremely robust ecommerce, video, image, audio, or data requirements, I’ll likely recommend WordPress as your website CMS.

Website Hosting Providers & Packages

The proper website hosting is critical to your site performing well and achieving your business goals. I’ve used quite a few hosting companies, platforms, and service packages over the years — some I don’t recommend like GoDaddy, and others that used to be top of the line but have fallen off like MediaTemple. InMotion Hosting is my go-to recommendation for most clients — either their shared WordPress or virtual private server (VPS) platforms.

Page Builders & Themes

Within the WordPress ecosystem, there are two key components to building and maintaining your business website: a WordPress page builder and a theme. WordPress offers its own free, built-in editor and layout system called Gutenberg. It’s difficult to use and limited in capability. That’s why I recommend a page-builder called Elementor. They have a free version of Elementor, but the Elementor Pro is where it’s at for business websites. And the perfect, fast, lightweight theme is Astra Pro.  With Elementor Pro’s visual design interface and Astra Pro’s tightly integrated theme options, you can build and maintain just about any non-ecommerce website you can imagine. 

What you'll find on my bookshelf, playlist, and inbox.

I generally spend about 2-3 hours per day reading articles, listening to podcasts, and reading select books and enewsletters. These shape my thinking, context, and framing of issues and solution possibilities which I try to share or incorporate into my advice.

Books: My growing list of books on Amazon I’ve either read or want to read. Many of these books have been mentioned as important to read by other independent experts whose business opinion I value.

Podcasts & Video: Business of Authority with Jonathan Stark and Rochelle Moulton. The Two Bobs with Blair Enns and David Baker. Anything and everything Philip Morgan produces.

Enewsletters: Bob Lalasz’s Science + Story. Philip Morgan’s Indie Experts. David Baker’s Perspectives, Liston Witherill’s Sales Insights, Josh Earl’s Email Marketing, Johnathan Stark’s Value Pricing Daily, and Kyle Bowen’s Superhelpful for Museums.