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Unconventional Website Strategies: 100 Years

An organization’s website strategy (if they even have one) is often scoped in terms of months or years. Almost no one except the largest and most forward-leaning corporations will plan website strategy in terms of decades. What if you thought

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Value Pricing & Positioning Podcast Insight

I’ve been working on a better understanding of value pricing for almost a year. It’s a pretty popular pricing concept currently for independent professionals wanting to break out of the hourly billing trap. Jonathan Stark is the lead authority on

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The Roots of Value Based Pricing

Jonathan Stark recently shared an interesting life story about how we determine value. His enewsletter made me curious about the definition of value and how it has been explained by economists. Value based pricing is a hot topic among independent professionals, but few

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When Design Doesn’t Work

Is there a time when design doesn’t work for a company, service or product? I don’t mean a design that doesn’t sit right with you. I’m talking about design with a capital “D” which, when executed by a design professional,

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