Frank McClung

You’ve got the power

You, the client, have the most power to reduce risk in a website project — not the web design firm.

You are concerned the project:

  • Will go over your original budget
  • Take too long to complete
  • Not meet your expectations for quality and/or creativity
  • Not get the results you want

Remember, YOU select the design firm. Do your homework on the firm. Prior proper vetting and careful selection will significantly reduce website quality and creativity risk.

Second, YOU control the budget. Most website project cost overruns come from scope creep. Don’t add new requirements. Work within the design firm’s process and capability limits, don’t be a pain in their ass and you will likely keep your original budget intact.

Third, missed launch date are due to tardy client content creation and review feedback causes. YOU provide timely feedback and fulfill content requests, and the designer will respond.

To get the results you want, define outcomes BEFORE you begin the project. This will help you select the right firm, clarify scope, and keep the project on track. Again, YOU are in the driver’s seat to define project outcomes.

If you need help defining outcomes or requirements, clarifying scope, or evaluating a web design firm, let’s talk.


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