Frank McClung

Your Website Is a Loner

Most websites are loners like the characters in a romantic comedy who can’t connect with anyone in a meaningful way. There’s a lot of pressure on them to engage with users, and people (marketing dept. mainly) are always trying to “drive” unwanted suiters/users their way.

This often leads to frustration between your website and the people you want to reach and the inevitable yet comedic breakup of a short-lived digital relationship with your website.

Parents (CEOs, Owners), relatives (marketing, IT), and even the crazy aunt/uncle (outside consultants) mean well, but don’t often know what’s wrong with your organization’s website in terms of engagement.

Why can’t your website be like your sister/brother (aka -social media)? They are always in the thick of the action getting likes, follows and re-whatevers, while your organization’s website experiences rejection and unrequited love worse than Julia Robert’s character in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

This is a good indication your website has strategy issues: undifferentiated positioning, too broad messaging, no clear understanding of your audience or business goals, etc.

Let’s talk so that your site can be set up for a successful engagement before the next redesign.


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