Frank McClung

You’ll know you’re ready for a new website when…

I wrote about why you as CEO/Owner/Marketing Director are not ready to take on a website re/design project for your organization. It really boils down to commitment in terms of YOUR time, energy, daily priorities, and your team’s. Notice money isn’t in the list.

So, how do you know you are ready re/design your website?

1. When you can articulate in writing your business vision, mission, goals, and objectives. They should be communicated to your team and woven into the fabric of your organization.

2. When you have specialized to the point that gives you a clear focus on #1 and a competitive advantage in your market.

3. When #1 and #2 are in place, you’ll need to work on your positioning. Look it up if you don’t know what that is or why it is important.

4. You’ve defined and prioritized your audience/clients to the point where you know what they are thinking, what’s important to them in life and in relation to your service, and the factors influencing the decisions they make.

5. You have made your website project YOUR #1 priority each day. Ready to commit 25% of your day on average and 50% during intense parts of the project for the next 2 months?

6. You’ve gathered your company assets (text, ads, images, etc.).

Now you are ready to talk to a website design firm or me :).


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