Frank McClung

How to Kiss and Make-up with Your Web design Firm

Is it time to kiss and make-up with your web design firm on a project gone awry?

Anyone in a successful personal relationship knows how critical this process is to growth and maturity.

But how do I do this with my web design firm?

Both parties often feel expectations are not being met.

Both may feel taken advantage of.

  1. Take a step back and acknowledge that completing the project is beneficial to both you and your businesses.
  2. Recommit to working toward the project’s success and reevaluate your long term relationship only after the current project is complete.
  3. Address the web design firm’s concerns that caused the strain in the first place with clear, actionable steps for resolution. Both parties need to agree that these steps if accomplished, will meet expectations and keep the project moving. Ask your web designer to do the same for your concerns.

Now, get to work on the next task.

Great athletes understand the importance of moving on to the next play after making a mistake.

Keep playing. Finish the project well.

I’ve had several projects where this strategy helped me salvage a client project and even the long term relationship.


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