Frank McClung

Frank McClung

Getting your website strategy right

It’s not about being right, it’s about getting it right. I’ve been thinking about this concept quite a bit lately as it relates to websites and strategy. Often, organizations spend boatloads and take an excessive amount of time on their website design/redesign trying to be right, rather than focusing on getting it right. The difference between being right and getting it …

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Culture Shapes Strategy

Culture can significantly shape strategy creation and implementation. You can see a stark example of how culture impacts strategy in the current situation in Afghanistan. As America’s collective patience in Afghanistan waned, it caused a significant shift in its military strategy with dire consequences (see the current evacuation effort). For most Americans (me included), 20 …

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Strategies for Identifying and Removing Website Highways

Highways and interstates have destroyed city neighborhoods. They cut off natural flow and connectedness in community life (businesses, residential buildings, parks, etc.) by creating a barrier, wasteland, or obstacle to the movement and interactions of people who live there. The introduction of highways had negatively impacted communities they ran through just as railroads did earlier …

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How big is your website brag zone?

When Patagonia announced this week it would axe adding logos to products, particularly garments, I was surprised-not-surprised. I was surprised because they are the first company in the outdoor/adventure/performance sector to make this move. I was not surprised because Patagonia’s narrative is deeply rooted in their founder’s 100-year philosophy of environmental sustainability. Dropping additional logos …

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