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Clarifying My Focus in 2022

Big changes have been on the horizon for some time for me personally. In the first year of the Covid pandemic, I shifted my website design and development practice (dotp) to focus on strategic website consulting for transformative thought leaders

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Stop writing for robots—even smart ones

Your website content strategy should be firmly linked to your organizational goals and vision. Seems obvious, right? Here’s where things get tricky. Your marketing wants to increase prospective client leads coming from your website. That’s a reasonable goal, but the

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Getting your website strategy right

It’s not about being right, it’s about getting it right. I’ve been thinking about this concept quite a bit lately as it relates to websites and strategy. Often, organizations spend boatloads and take an excessive amount of time on their website design/redesign

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Culture Shapes Strategy

Culture can significantly shape strategy creation and implementation. You can see a stark example of how culture impacts strategy in the current situation in Afghanistan. As America’s collective patience in Afghanistan waned, it caused a significant shift in its military

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Playing Hooky with Expertise

I have a confession to make. I’ve been playing hooky. For most of this summer, COVID seemed a distant memory. It started with vaccines and my son marring an amazing young lady. I moved two of my adult “kids” to

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Do you have the will to prepare?

“Everyone has the will to win. It’s not the will to win we are looking for, it’s the will to prepare to win.” – Paul “Bear” Bryant, legendary Alabama football coach quoted by TSgt Esposito, USAF, Special Forces Training Cadre

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How big is your website brag zone?

When Patagonia announced this week it would axe adding logos to products, particularly garments, I was surprised-not-surprised. I was surprised because they are the first company in the outdoor/adventure/performance sector to make this move. I was not surprised because Patagonia’s

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Website Fig Leaves for 2021

Twenty-twenty has been a year of biblical proportions on so many fronts. As our social and business interactions have been forced online by a global pandemic, the criticality of your organization’s website has increased exponentially. And with this increased website

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Who controls your organization’s network currency online?

On a college campus, there are typically four main non-monetary “currencies” students trade: alcohol, sex (potential or actual), social (parties and friends), academics (tutoring and “connections”). The degree to which an organization controls these currencies determines its power and influence

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New website? Stop. Right. There.

So, you want to hire someone to design your website? Stop. Right. There. You aren’t ready. I know, you have the budget available to get it done right. And you see the need to do it now for your business.

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Your Website Is a Loner

Most websites are loners like the characters in a romantic comedy who can’t connect with anyone in a meaningful way. There’s a lot of pressure on them to engage with users, and people (marketing dept. mainly) are always trying to

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Variable Fonts Coming to Your Website Soon?

Variable fonts are changing typography on the web, not only in terms of more efficient font file delivery, but also the ability to animate and diversify your brand messaging capability. Over 90% of web browsers support variable fonts and many

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